2015 has been an exciting year for Savica, full of activities, changes and new clients. We would like to share some of the exciting and rewarding projects that have been concluded this year.

The first six months we supported World Bank’s PNPM (Program Nasional Pemberdayaan Masyarakat) Support Facility by designing a Behavior Change Communication Strategy for PNPM Generasi project and reviewing all training modules. It was a great opportunity to involve Savica’s entire team and make use of the large range of different skills we have on board. The strategy was presented to the new Ministry of Village Affairs to be considered in the next phase of the program as it migrated from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

In addition, Savica performed a market research on fortified rice in Surabaya and Bojonegoro, East Java. Commissioned by GIZ as part of the Better Rice Initiative Asia program, this research provided insights into the acceptability of fortified rice as well as willingness to pay should this type of product become available in the market. The results were presented at a workshop organized by the Indonesian Association of Rice Millers (Perpadi) in Jakarta.

Savica also provided strategic input to Indofood in the design of a new company policy to improve the health and nutritional status of their workforce. Savica visited three of their factories, in Padalarang and Surabaya, drafted the policy, and provided suggestions for the implementation of the policy.

Savica deployed a consultant to provide training in Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health for health staff in Dompu (West Nusa Tenggara) and Sicca (East Nusa Tenggara) at the request of WPF/Rutgers. The consultant spent two weeks in the field to train a number of midwives and nurses, who were highly appreciative of the new skills and knowledge.

As part of Savica’s long-term support for GAIN’s work in Indonesia, a workshop was organized and facilitated by our team for the Ministry of Health on fortified complementary foods. Sixty-seven experts from different stakeholder groups from Indonesia and overseas attended the workshop, representing the Ministry of Health (MoH), the National Agency for Food and Drug Control (BPOM), academia, civil society and the private sector. The workshop has resulted in a set of recommendations for the MoH.

Spreading its wings beyond Indonesia’s borders, Savica is currently involved in the evaluation of the United Nations World Food Programme in Afghanistan, through the KonTerra Group. As part of an international evaluation team, Savica’s principal cooperated to produce an extensive Inception Package, was part of a three-week mission to Afghanistan and is currently working on the Evaluation Report.

To better serve our clients, Savica’s Jakarta office has moved to a more spacious location at Plaza 3 Pondok Indah and opened our Headquarters Office in Surabaya at Graha Natura Jalan Sambikerep, Lontar.

Our team has also gone through some changes, increasing its strength in all its core areas. Together with a healthy pipeline and strong networks, this will ensure Savica will continue to be ready to provide excellent services in Public Health and Nutrition, in Indonesia and abroad.

On behalf of the entire Savica team I would like to wish you a very Happy and Successful New Year.

Best regards,

Damayanti Soekarjo
Managing Director