Established in 2011, Savica is Indonesia’s first public health & communication consultancy firm, home to a team of passionate local and international experts. We combine state of the art international standards to a deep understanding of the Indonesian context, which we can apply to other settings as well.

We provide a wide range of customizable services in the fields of public health & communication. From concept development, planning & assessment, implementation to monitoring and evaluation, our tailored and integrated solutions will help our clients to reach better results in any or all stages of their project.

The name Savica is derived from the Sanskrit words ‘santulita vikasa’, which mean ‘balanced development’. The name was chosen on purpose and reflects our deepest convictions. Not only does Savica provide a balanced work environment where professional development is an integral part of a day’s work, but it also drives our work for clients. We believe that an integrated, balanced approach to public health and communication challenges, with measurable results, will ultimately lead to the sustainable improvements we all strive for.


A world where people are empowered to make informed decisions for their wellbeing.


To facilitate equal access to public health information and services by providing high-quality, evidence-based solutions by a team of expert and passionate consultants


At Savica, we share a common passion for excellence. Therefore, we bring exceptional care in all our client work and projects, be it designing a communication strategy, developing a training module, or doing research, we combine our consultants’ expertise and experience to ensure the best possible results.

What makes Savica different is our team, which consists of carefully selected professionals who share our core values:

  • Public Health

    The aim of our public health services is to contribute to healthy communities. This encompasses many aspects; not just health and nutrition but also hygiene and sanitation, education, mental health, poverty eradication, creating inclusive environments using a rights-based approach, protection of the natural environment etc.

  • Research, Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation

    Do you want to know whether your program was effective or not? Whether the results you saw were actually attributable to your intervention? Do you want to see what worked and what didn’t so you can improve in your next phase or program? Research, Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation (RAME) are the tools you need.

  • Strategic Communications

    Communication management means process creation. And it has to balance three factors: the message(s), the media channel(s) and the audience(s). Being strategic means planning to communicate your stories (messages) through the right channels to effectively reach your target audiences or stakeholders in order for you to achieve your organizational and communication-specific goals.

  • Trainings & Workshops

    To support the other activities, Savica organizes and facilitates trainings and workshops, as part of client projects or as independent activities. Knowledge and skills have no value if they are not shared and used. We can help you disseminate your program results, communicate with your stakeholders or train your staff in subjects related to public health and communication skills, project management, M&E, finance, administration. Other topics can be covered on special request.