Related to, and concurrent with, the landscape review, Savica implemented a survey on the nutritional status and lifestyle among a total of 2160 boys and girls aged 12-18 years in Klaten district (Central Java province) and West Lombok district (West Nusa Tenggara province). This survey will form the baseline for UNICEF’s intervention over the coming years, in addition to being one of the few larger surveys on adolescents done in Indonesia.

Building on its experience with the household survey for PKH Prestasi in Brebes (#23), Savica further strengthened its methodology. In particular the supervision and quality control protocols were implemented even more rigorously, including using double data entry of selected data on the tablet computers that were used to collect the data. Real time data checking allowed us to have the data cleaned during the data collection process, reducing the cost of collecting data from more respondents than needed. The use of digital questionnaires is more cost-effective as it eliminates the need for photocopying and storage of thousands of questionnaires as well as data entry that introduces additional potential bias to the data.