An example of how Savica partners with those that share the same values, is our partnership with the Oncological Hospital in Surabaya. RS Onkologi Surabaya ( is a specialised hospital that focuses entirely on cancer care, especially breast, thyroid, gynecological and hematological cancers. The management felt that to uphold their high standards of quality of care, in line with international guidelines, the staff needed training in Excellent Service. Savica provided this in a number of workshops in which approximately 30 staff took turns to participate so as not to disturb the patient care during those hours.

Participants included staff from different departments within the hospital (nurses, pharmacy, kitchen and housekeeping, front office, cashiers). During the workshop they were invited to reflect and discuss what ‘Excellent Service’ means and what they themselves could do to improve the service through simple adjustments in the way they approached patients. Role plays and other interactive approaches were used to increase awareness among the staff, identify areas for improvement and start the process of finding solutions. During the role plays, participants became aware of the impact of their attitude and actions on the psychological state of the patient, something which they hadn’t thought about much before. Tips and tricks to approach ‘difficult’ patients were shared among participants and by Savica.

Evaluation after a year showed that many of the inputs were put into practice, including lowering the front desk and the general approach to patients.