As part of the communication strategy for the PN PRIMA-CISDI program, Savica and CISDI created flashcards regarding the prevention and management of maternal and child nutrition problems and non-communicable diseases (NCD).

This flashcard is a supporting material for community health volunteers in providing counseling related to maternal and child nutrition and NCD. The idea to develop these flashcards stems from the difficulties community health volunteers have in remembering the large amount of material that needs to be conveyed to residents. During program implementation, these flashcards were selected as the most helpful counseling tool by community health volunteers.

Each set of flashcards (the nutrition series and the NCD series) consists of 10 cards, where the front of the cards contains pictures for the audience to see, and the back contains talking points to be conveyed by cadres.

Flash Cards 1-6

Flash Cards 7-12

Flash Cards 13-18

Flash Cards 19-24

Flash Cards 25-30

Flash Cards 31-36

Flash Cards 37-42