The Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fishery (MoMAF) has been promoting the consumption of fish by the general population for years. The Center for Development Innovation (CDI) at Wageningen University provides support by strengthening the fish value chain. CDI approached Savica with the request to develop a social marketing strategy that focuses on fish and sea food consumption in the first 1000 days, as this has not yet been covered by the current campaign.

The results of formative research in Tegal district, Central Java, were used as a basis for the development of a social marketing strategy to change the behaviour of pregnant women and mothers of young children. The main finding of this research was the fact that, although there is sufficient awareness of the economic and health benefits of consuming fish and seafood, pervasive myths related to pregnancy and infancy still keeps many women from including these nutritious foods in their diets and that of they young children.
Together with Salsaparilla, the Game Company, Savica designed, tested and produced a board game that can be played by groups and addresses these myths in a playfull atmosphere. This concept can be easily adapted to other issues as well.