As part of UNICEF’s preparation for a multi-year program on adolescent nutrition, Savica undertook a thorough review of the current situation related to adolescent nutrition, with a strong focus on the double burden of malnutrition. This consisted of an analysis of secondary data on adolescent nutritional status including recent trends, a policy analysis on nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive policies and their implementation in two target districts (Klaten and West Lombok), as well as a mapping of actors in the field of adolescent nutrition. The final report was submitted in September 2017.

The policy analysis consisted of an in-depth review of policies at the national, provincial and district level that were directly or indirectly related to adolescent nutrition. In cooperation with the University of Sydney, a matrix was designed to capture all related themes and enable content analysis.

In-depth interviews with policy makers at the national, provincial and district level, as well as implementers in the health and education sectors, were held to clarify issues related to coordination and implementation. In addition, FGDs were held with adolescents in both districts to obtain insight in the best channels to reach both school-attending and out-of-school adolescents with interventions aimed to improve their nutritional status.

Part of this work has been published in FNB (available on request), while a further publication is in preparation.