PKH is a nation-wide conditional cash transfer (CCT) program, which aimed to cover 10 million poor households in 2018. As part of its support to the Ministry of Social Affairs, the World Bank has tasked Savica with the review of the communication training for the PKH Facilitators, as well as the nutrition monitoring and referral systems, and their integration with other aspects such as education, immunization and handwashing.

A team of qualitative researchers visited six districts (Minahasa and Bolaang Mongondo (North Sulawesi), Medan and Tapanuli Tengah (North Sumatra), Karawang, Subang (West Java)) to gauge information from stakeholders at the provincial, district, sub-district and village levels. Based on this assessment we reviewed and revised the communication training for PKH. In addition, we developed integrated IT solutions for monitoring and reporting of health and education aspects related to PKH beneficiaries. These solutions also laid the groundwork for the integration of different programs at the village level. A policy brief was written for the World Bank and the IT solutions, consisting of an integrated mobile application and recommendations for the integration of the IT system, have been handed over to the Ministry of Social Affairs.