Savica houses extensive knowledge and skills in the fields of public health and communication. Our highly customized and multi-disciplinary teams bring each client a combination of deep subject knowledge and expert standpoints originating from other fields on the challenge at stake, thus providing our clients with fresh perspectives and breakthrough insights.

Our work in public health and communication alike revolves around the three aspects Research, Assessment, M&E; Strategic Communication; and Trainings, Workshops and Media.

Savica Services

Our public health services cover assessments, program design, program implementation, monitoring, evaluation, research and training. These can cover a range of related topics such as nutrition, food security, mother and child health, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, mental health, WASH and education, health policy and health economics, as well as poverty eradication, climate change and disaster risk reduction.

Our communication services are linked to public health issues and include stakeholder mapping, consultation and engagement, development of communication strategies, in particular Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC), health advocacy, technical assistance in the use of media, including social media, and material development using Human Centered Design (HCD). We also design, organize and facilitate trainings and workshops in related topics to suit your needs.

The combination of Public Health and Communication expertise under one roof provides our clients with integrated one-stop solutions. Our broad core expertise in various fields of public health covers nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive aspects, and links with behavior change communication to break open existing silos.

We strongly believe that healthy individuals can only thrive in healthy communities. Therefore, our concept of public health goes beyond the health sector to include not only health and nutrition, but also economic development, natural environment, education, organisational health, seen through a rights-based lens aiming at equity for all.

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Research, assessment, monitoring and evaluation (RAME) are an essential component to any development programme. RAME provides insights in the current situation (assessment), what is happening during the programme and whether it is on the right track (monitoring) and whether it accomplished what it set out to do – as well as what worked in this process and what did not work (evaluation). Bringing together experts from different fields and with expertise in qualitative and quantitative research positions Savica well as a RAME consultancy.

However, RAME is never a goal in itself and its results are used to inform communication strategies, trainings, workshops and technical assistance to our clients. Therefore, at Savica we help our clients to make their impact visible and tangible. We can apply sophisticated means of doing so, or train their staff or volunteers to use simple tools that will still provide some answers to their questions. Our RAME services are related to collection, processing, analyzing, reporting and disseminating of information, because we believe knowledge is there to be shared. Therefore we combine technical expertise with research skills, communications insights and modern media development.

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Strategic communications is key to achieve organizational and communication-specific goals. Whether you aim at creating, reinforcing, or changing perceptions or behaviour in order to influence public policy or to promote an agenda, Savica works in partnership with you in designing the effective communication strategy, facilitating dialogue with your stakeholders, implementing advocacy strategy to support issues that are important to your organization, implementing the communication program and measuring its impact, building the capacity of your communications team, and ensuring proper monitoring and evaluation mechanism to measure success.

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Spreading knowledge and skills is one of the main elements of our philosophy. Therefore we provide customized trainings in public health, nutrition, research and communication skills, as well as other topics. Our subject matter experts are able to develop modules tailored to your needs, as well as facilitate and implement the trainings.

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